daffThe Daffodil Project
The daffodil flower represents a sign of rebirth and new beginnings. Eight years ago, Townscape embarked on a mission to choose different parts of Riverhead town and to plant masses of daffodil bulbs in these different areas for the public to enjoy. Each autumn, a group of volunteers gathers to plant daffodil bulbs and eagerly awaits the appearance of their distinctive yellow blooms in the early spring. To date, Townscape has planted over 12,000 bulbs at the end of the Long Island Expressway, at the Rt. 58 traffic circle, at Peconic Bay Medical Center, on Sound Avenue and in Grangebel Park.

Downtown Baskets
basketsOne of the longest running and most visible projects of Townscape is to provide the beautiful seasonal flower baskets which hang from the lights in downtown Riverhead. For decades, Townscape contracted with a local greenhouse to plant the baskets according to our specifications. In 2013, for the first time, we decided to recruit members of the community to help us to plant the baskets. The community turnout was amazing and the baskets they made were stunning. We plan on making the community basket planting an annual tradition late each spring.  See Slideshow

Street Tree Planting
Street trees provide enormous aesthetic, environmental and economic value to neighborhoods. Townscape has planted thousands of street trees throughout the town of Riverhead. Our most recent plantings are on Sound Avenue (between Roanoke Avenue and Northville Turnpike) and on Roanoke Avenue and Second Street in downtown Riverhead.

Main Street Plantings
sidewalkDowntown Riverhead has seen enormous positive change recently with the reopening of the Suffolk Theatre as a performing arts venue, the Long Island Aquarium, the Hyatt Place Hotel as well as many great restaurants and shops. During the summer of 2014 new sidewalks and curbing are being installed throughout Main Street. After their installation is completed, Townscape will be doing its part to improve the downtown streetscape by installing unique street trees and installing planters and other seasonal plantings along Main Street.

Rt. 58 Traffic Circle
The Rt. 58 Traffic Circle provides visual beauty from the sea of pavement known as Rt. 58 (Old Country Road). Townscape has landscaped the traffic circle and provides seasonal plantings to help beautify this visual point along Riverhead’s main commercial corridor.